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Raise3D N series V2H nozzle

Raise3D N series V2H nozzle

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Raise3D V2H nozzles for the Raise3D N series 3D printers.

Plated Wear Resistant Nozzle for RaiseD N-series Printer

Raise3D have cooperated with Micro-Swiss to provide plated wear resistant nozzle for Raise3D N-series printer.

Orifice size available: 0.4mm/0.6mm/0.8mm

Fits: Raise3D N1, N2 and N2 Plus Printers

   This nozzle is made from a 360 brass base material and plated with TwinClad XT coating. TwinClad XT is a nickel composite coating designed for very low friction. It offers one of the lowest coefficient of friction, better then nickel with PTFE co-deposit. This coating is also very hard and abrasion resistant. If you are working with abrasive Carbon Fiber, Stainless Steel, wood filled or any other metal filled filaments, this will greatly improve the life of your nozzle.

Property: TwinClad XT
Hardness HVN (as plated) : 550-600
Hardness Rc (as plated) : 53-55
Hardness HVN (heat treated): 825-900
Hardness Rc (heat treated): 65-67
Taber Wear Index (mg/1000 cycles, as plated): 42371
Coefficient of Friction vs. Steel (dry): 0.08

Extra low friction
Used in injection molding
Very good release properties
High Hardness (53-55 Rc)
Wear resistant
Corrosion resistant

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