Cozy Corn - Pain Relief Corn Bags

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Cozy Corn - Pain Relief Corn Bags

   Brought to you exclusively by MakerTree 3D, are our thoughtfully designed & hand-crafted pain relief corn bags, that are "magical wonders" for various aches and pains! Whether in need of a hot press for arthritis aches, or a cold press for a strained muscle, our pain relief corn bags can provide you with relief.

Reusable, natural, pain relief, where you need it, when you need it!

Cozy Corn as a Heat Pack

For a heated corn bag, simply remove the corn bag from it's outer sleeve, and place corn bag in a microwave using the heating schedule by Cozy Corn bag size below:

Large Bag: 1-2 minutes

Medium Bag: 1-2 minutes

Small Bag: 30-45 seconds

Be careful of heated corn bags as they may be hotter than expected.

Do not exceed recommended heating times.

*Microwave heating schedule based on 1000 watt microwave. 


Cozy Corn as a Cold Pack

For a cold Cozy Corn bag, simply remove corn bag from it's outer sleeve, and place corn bag into a sealed plastic bag prior to placing into a standard freezer using the cooling schedule by Cozy Corn bag size below:

Large Bag: 1 hour

Medium Bag: 1 hour

Small Bag: 1 hour

Important: Between freezer applications, use the microwave heating schedule once to dry the corn bag of any moisture.

   Each Cozy Corn pain relief bag, is thoughtfully designed with a removable outer sleeve for easy machine or hand washing of the sleeve. No washing is needed for the inner corn bag, however hand spot-cleaning can be done if needed.

   Available in (4) different sizes to choose from, each size with it's own benefits to fit your specific applications.


Examples of Cozy Corn Pain Relief Bag applications:

Neck ache
Knee pain
Elbow ache
Muscle ache
Joint pain
Athletic injury
Help reduce fever
Help to reduce inflammation
Menstrual Pain

Even use Cozy Corn Pain Relief bags for:

Bed warmer
Feet warmer



Q: How do the Cozy Corn pain relief corn bags work?

A: By heating a Cozy Corn pain relief bag in a microwave, the large heated kernels hold heat for an extended period of time which acts as an effective heating pad. Likewise, by cooling a Cozy Corn pain relief bag in a standard freezer, it will also hold the cold, acting as an effective cold pack as well.


Q: Why doesn't the corn pop in the microwave?

A: The type of corn we use for our corn bags, isn't the popping type of corn.


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