Clearance: ColorFabb nGen Flex
Clearance: ColorFabb nGen Flex

Clearance: ColorFabb nGen Flex

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nGen Flex

nGen_FLEX is a new elastomer material added to our existing range of co-polyester functional 3D printing filaments.

nGen-FLEX is best described as a semi-flexible material with good printability on most 3D printers eliminating the use for specialized flex extruders. It’s rated at a Shore A hardness level of 95.. Of course the user can influence how flexible a print should feel by adjusting infill and perimeter settings.

nGen_FLEX is an engineering-grade material that demonstrates excellent durability, toughness and great layer-to-layer adhesion.

What makes nGen_FLEX standout from other semi-flexible materials is the great chemical resistance and temperature resistance of up to 121C. Enabling parts to be steam sterilized at 123C cycle.

! For best adhesion to the buildplate we highly recommend to use a buildTak plate. More information on printing nGen_FLEX material can be found:


At colorFabb we have a well equipped 3d printing studio with a lot of popular 3d printers. We know our materials will give you excellent results and to help you get these results here are tips and trick for using colorFabb 3d printing filament.

Advised 3d printing temperature:

Advised 3d print speed:
40 - 60 mm/s

Advised Heated bed:
80C + buildTak

Build platform:
nGen_FLEX gives best results on a buildTak covered buildplate, heated at around 80C. Make sure the distance between nozzle and buildplate is not too close, first layer should not be squeezed too much.


   Since colorFabb develops and produces their own filaments we have a lot of knowhow about our materials. Here you’ll find all kinds of interesting material specifications that will help you decide which material is best for your project.

colorFabb nGen_FLEX
Diameter Tolerance:
± 0.1 mm
1.13 g/cm3
Temperature resistance:


nGen Flex comes in 650gr. spools