Production Pods

MakerTree 3D Production Pods

Businesses and educational institutions of all sizes can now leverage the knowledge, skillsets, experience and production capabilities of MakerTree 3D through the use of Production Pods. Production Pods at MakerTree 3D enables your team to custom scale your 3D printing production to fit your needs. With our Production Pod subscription program, 3D print your parts without ever waiting for print queues, or worrying about equipment up-time, training, hardware woes while saving money on your monthly 3D prototyping costs!



Production Pods for Stress-Free 3D printing 


 Never worry about clogs, calibration or other woes

The experienced team at MakerTree 3D is responsible for maintenance and servicing of all Production Pod printers. Since we're an Authorized Reseller and Service Center, our technical team has the tools and parts in-stock to quickly service any of the printers that can be configured for a Production Pod. If a specific printer is in need of a service that would take it out of production for more than 1 day, then the printer will be replaced with another printer of the same model.


Never wait in line to get your models printing 

A Custom configured Production Pod based on your production needs, is dedicated exclusively to your team's production and is never shared. Unlike most 3D printing service bureaus, our Production Pods give your team the option to never wait in queue to get your prints started. Your models enter production in your subscribed Production Pod right away.


Flat-Rate Pricing

No surprises or unexpected costs associated with your 3D printing service invoices! One customized, flat-rate monthly subscription fee assures that you'll be able to keep sending 3D model files for your Production Pod setup, and parts continually coming out, without worrying about a multitude of setup fees, or any other supplemental fees for your various orders throughout each month.


Consistent, Quality materials, Always on-hand

An allotment of the selected material type(s), per printer in the Production Pod, is refreshed every month. Any remaining material from the previous month rolls-over.

We also use consistently manufactured materials from our trusted vendors exclusively, for predictable quality results and low maintence intervals.


MakerTree 3D will handle the production

The experienced technical team at MakerTree 3D takes on the role of 3D print production for your company. We 3D print all day, every day. Simply provide your models through our shared Dropbox, and our team will print the parts as you specify.


Fullfilment your way

Upon completion of your parts, MakerTree 3D can provide fulfillment based on your preference. Whether you want to stop by locally to pick orders up for free, or have them shipped via USPS, FedEx, UPS or by a local courier. We can offer solutions customized to your production and budget needs.


Painless scaling of your production
Change the custom configuration of your Production Pod based on your changing needs. Maybe your team needs 1 printer for the next few months, but after that they'll need to scale up to 6 printers for a large project. Once the large project is done, you may opt to scale back down your Production Pod configuration. Pay for the production you need at the time.

* 3 month subscription term per configuration


Custom Production Pod Configuration

Whether your team needs a single printer or a dozen printers, we'll custom configure a Production Pod specifically to meet your production needs. Mix & Match between the different 3D printer options, that can be custom configured for a multi-printer Production Pod.


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