Manufacturing Services

MakerTree 3D is more than just a shop to purchase 3D printers, 3D scanners, parts or printing materials. We're a solution to your manufacturing needs.

   While having a wide range of manufacturing resources available to MakerTree 3D through carefully selected partners, we're now making these manufacturing services available for companies and innovators alike through our quick and easy Manufacturing Quote system. Whether it's a 3D printing process, CNC machining, urethane casting or injection molding, we've got the manufacturing methods for your project needs.

Simply fill out the form below, attach your model file(s) to the form and click submit. That's it!

   Once we've received your manufacturing quote submission, we'll review the provided files, notes and selected manufacturing process to generate your custom manufacturing quote.

3D Printing Services:

3D printing services are offered in a wide range of printing technologies from FFF/ FDM  to SLA, SLS and DMLS. Not sure which 3D printing technology would work best for your models and application? Feel free to leave a note in the order submission and we'll review the design, discuss it's application for use, and help you select a process and material that will work optimally for your project.  Ships within 3 days-2 weeks of order acceptance (printing process dependent).



CNC Machining Services:

CNC machining produces functional, end-use or prototype parts from metals or plastics. From automated grinders and lathes, to mills and routers, we'll have the CNC machining process to produce your parts with precision. Ships within 2-6 weeks of order acceptance.



Urethane Casting Services:

Urethane Casting is a low/mid volume prototype or production process for customers looking for high quality parts quickly and affordably. A silicone mold is made from a 3D printed or CNC machined master and rubber or plastic-like polyurethanes are poured to make parts. Ships within 3-4 weeks of order acceptance.


Injection Molding Services:

Injection molding is a traditional manufacturing process where rubber or plastic articles are shaped by injecting heated material into a mold. Injection molding is a production technology with a high up front tooling cost and a low cost per part. Ships within 4-7 weeks of order acceptance.