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MakerTree 3D Services

MakerTree 3D is more than just a shop to buy your favorite 3D printers, 3D scanners, parts and printing materials. We're a solution to your creative ideas.

We offer a variety of services to help with your 3D projects.


3D Printing Services:

Upload Files For 3D Printing

(*.stl or *.obj files only) 

For those who have designed their own 3D CAD models, or have downloaded a 3D model, we offer 3D printing services in a wide range of materials and colors for you to select from. Not sure which material would work best? Feel free to leave a note in the order submission and we can review the design, discuss it's application for use, and help you select a material that will work optimally for your project. Learn More
(If you have a project idea, but need the 3D CAD models created for you prior to 3D printing, then see CAD Services below.)



3D Scanning Services:

If you have an object that you'd like to have a 3D model made of, we do offer 3D scanning services. We can scan in both fixed (resolutions fine as 0.05mm) and handheld modes (resolutions fine as 0.10mm) using structured light 3D scanning technology. Learn More



CAD Services:

Got a great idea for a fix around your household or for a new product you'd like to bring to market, but no idea where to begin with designing your idea? No problem! MakerTree 3D offers tiered 3D CAD services based on your project's complexity, application and manufacturing process. Whether you just need a replacement of a small discontinued part at home, or you'd like to project plan your idea for taking your design to the market, we've got a 3D CAD engineer and price to match your project's budget. Learn More



3D Printer Repair and Maintenance Services:

Since we're a reseller and first level support for the products we carry and use in everyday production, we're equipped to service your 3D printer should the need ever arise. From nozzle clogs to faulty wiring or electronics, we've got you covered! Stop on by with your printer, give us a call, or send us an email to discuss the issue and we'll get your 3D printer back up and printing again.



Advise and Recommendations:

We use the same brands and model equipment that we sell within our own production, so very few resellers will know the products they sell as well as we know the products we carry. We help our customers understand the differences between the different models and to select the printer, scanner or material that's right for them and their project needs. Stop in, give us a call or send an email if you've got any questions about any of the products that we carry.