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Our shop address is:
1000 E. Campbell Rd.
Suite 110

Richardson, TX 75081 

Showroom Visits: By Appointment

Monday - Friday: 11am - 7pm
Toll free: 888 | 402 | 6337
Email: CustomerService@MakerTree3D.com  

We use what we sell.
We only sell products that we use, know and trust for our own 3D project needs.
Unlike the big-box retailers, we have real-world, every day experience and knowledge of the products we sell.
Questions about the different materials, their properties and how they can apply to your project needs?

Choosing the right products for your needs.
Desktop 3D printers can range in price, features and capability. We know the questions to ask to help determine which 3D printers would fit your needs and meet your expectations.
Talk beyond the marketing hype to truly know what to expect from 3D printing and the various 3D printer options.
Got technical questions about 3D printers?
Our experience ranges from desktop 3D printers to industrial-grade systems in everyday production.
    We're CAD and machining specialists.
    We're always available as your knowledgeable 3D printing resource for your sales, services & consulting questions.
    One-stop shop for your various 3D project needs from 3D scanners, 3D printers, materials and software to CAD, 3D printing and system repair services.
    Learn about advanced topics that go deeper than the owner's manuals.  

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