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3D Scanning Service

   3D scanners are another tool we utilize at MakerTree 3D to generate 3D models.

   With structured light 3D scan technology, we can take an object you already have and create an exact digital geometric reproduction of it's surfaces.


   Have a cracked or broken portion of an assembly that you need replaced?

   The 3D Scan & Design team at MakerTree 3D can recreate your part digitally via the most effective means and can then provide you with prototypes to test the fit and function of your new part(s).
  • Quality scan resolution up to 0.1% of scan size (down to 0.05 mm)
  • Water tight mesh models
  • Exported as *.stl, *.obj or *.ply




Structured Light 3D Scanning

 MakerTree 3D utilizes structured light 3D scanning technology to create 3D models from objects. Structured light scanning works by projecting patterns of light onto the surface of a physical object. Based on the way in which the light patterns bend on the surface of the object, the system creates a point cloud in which a 3D model is built.


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 3D Scanning to:

  • Reproduce discontinued items
  • Modify existing physical designs
  • Replace broken assembly parts
  • Create jig or molds for projects
  • Inspire art projects


For questions or inquiries regarding our 3D scanning services, please feel free to contact us.
888 | 402 | 6337