Tiertime complete TPU extruder for UP Box+ / UP300

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TPU Extruder for UP BOX+ / UP300

Newly Released by Tiertime

Better Feeding Less Jamming


Best to work with flexible materials, e. g. TPU


Regular Fan Block


Provides enough cooling for air circulation.

Fan Duct

The air flow can be controlled by the switch on/off/semi-open according to the needs.

Inside View

Feeding Mechanism

New feeding mechanism created specifically for printing with flex material, with 0.5mm nozzle.





Fan Duct Switch


Purpose: Control the air flow.
Open the switch: allow the air blow straight to the model, and let it cool down fast which could prevent dripping and model’s tip from burned.
Close the switch: block the air blowing to the model to cause the warping.

Yes, it has the switch, which should be always open.

PTFE Tube inside the Heating Block

Purpose: To help the filament fed into the nozzle properly, and avoid it being heated too much and cause blockage.

Yes, it has a PTFE tube inserted in the extruder throat.

The inside wall of the PTFE tube is slippery with less friction. It guides the filament like TPU which tends to deform in high temperature .


Hold the Button while having difficulty to withdraw the filament.

Nozzle Compatibility

Have to larger than 0.5mm