Tiertime UP Fila PLA filament

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Genuine UP Fila filaments are formulated to take full advantage
of your UP printer. And refilling couldn’t be easier. Just pop off
the empty spool and drop in a new one. So whether it’s biode
gradeable PLA or super-strong ABS plastic, UP Fila is afforadable and available in a rainbow of colors.

*Each box comes with (2) 500gram spools



•Extrudes at about 220 ̊C

•Benefits from UP’s heated bed (51 ̊C–105 ̊C)

•Benefits greatly from cooling fan Very firm bonding with Acrylic Adheres well to a variety of surfaces

•Very limited print quality

•Very soluble over time

•More brittle

•Can be bonded using adhesives

•Organic odor PLA is plant based

•Plant-based Bio-degradable

•Ideal for lost-wax casting, burns out cleanly, non-toxic if carbonized