Tiertime UP Fila ABS+ filament

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Genuine UP Fila filaments are formulated to take full advantage
of your UP printer. And refilling couldn’t be easier. Just pop off the empty spool and drop in a new one.
UP Fila ABS+ is a stronger ABS plastic that exhibits better bonding and higher resistance to warping than normal ABS.


•Better strength and bonding than ABS
•More resistant to warping than ABS
•Extrudes at about 270 ̊C

•Requires UP’s heated bed feature to prevent warping of larger parts (51 ̊C–105 ̊C)

•Works well without cooling fan
•Requires additional adhesion enhancing techniques such as UP Perf board, to prevent warping and peeling of larger parts

•Capable of producing finely detailed prints

•Resistant to water

•More flexible, resilient and durable

•Can be bonded using adhesives or solvents (Acetone or MEK)

•Will produce strong odor if not specifically mated to extruder temperature settings. Genuine UP Fila runs virtually odor free on the UP extruder


•Stable and long lasting. Will not break-down but can be recycled

•Ideal for working parts and functional prototypes

*Each box comes with (2) 500gram spools