Tiertime UP Plus2 3D printer
Tiertime UP Plus2 3D printer

Tiertime UP Plus2 3D printer

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   Tiertime’s Legendary UP Plus 2. Honest design and so reliable. Shh! A bit of lore...The original UP Plus was used by many of today’s premier 3D printer companies in both the FFF and SLA arenas, to design and prototype their 3D Printers back in the day when “Kits” were the only other option! UP Plus 2 has evolved and improved to a point where it cannot get any better! This printer just keeps on going and going! Advance users know that once they master this printer, you have the ULTIMATE 3D Printing Workhorse at your disposal. Tiertime is commited to supporting this platform! So put one of these on your desk for when you “Just need to get the print done...”

Out of the box 3D Printing

Without prior knowledge of 3D printers, you can start your first print within 15 minutes.

High Quality Prints At Low Price

UP Plus 2 produces better print quality than most more expensive rivals. It supports UP PLA and UP ABS filaments which guarantee great prints at low cost.

Print build envelope: 140mm x 140mm x 135mm (5.5" x  5.5" x  5.3")

Highly Reliable

UP Plus 2 uses high quality precision parts. It has a very low failure rate that saves you time and money.

Quiet Operation

UP Plus 2 produces very little noise. You will feel comfortable working with it in the same room, on the same desk.

Powerful But Easy To Use Software

UP software is simple to use, feature rich, fast and free. It is easy enough for rookies and versatile enough for gurus.

Smart Support Technology

Industrial leading support generation algorithm that produces easily removable support structures and improve print quality. This advanced technology allows difficult and complex designs to be printed at ease.