Tiertime Nozzle Heater V5 for ABS (HT) Extruder

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Nozzle Heater V5 for ABS Extruder: For UP Series 3D Printers


To avoid snapping off the nozzle heater,
please remove or replace nozzle only after the nozzle is heated up to printing temperature.

Nozzle heater V5: 

Part number: BC0126

Applied model: UP mini/ UP mini 2/ UP mini 2 ES /UP Plus 2/ UP BOX / UP BOX+/ UP300 / X5

The nozzle heater V5 uses 8mm brass nozzle and nozzle has female screw type.

Please check the specification of nozzle of your machine to judge if this one can be used before adding it to the cart.

Brass Nozzle V5 with a narrower and finer point for higher print quality.

  • Nozzle information Nozzle version Nozzle – 8mm V5
    Part number 12012
    Material Copper
    Filament input diameter 1.75mm
    Output diameter 0.4mm
    Dimension 9.22mm*8mm
    Screw type Female
    • Nozzle heater V5 is backwards compatible with nozzle heater that use 8mm nozzle



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