Phoenix industrial nylon filament now available at MakerTree 3D!

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Phoenix industrial nylon filament now available at MakerTree 3D!


Introducing the Phoenix industrial-grade nylon from Breathe-3DP!

Now available at MakerTree 3D, the easy to print Phoenix industrial nylon filament from Breathe-3DP, brings even more functional, end-use options!

   Phoenix encompasses all the great attributes of nylon, toughness, tensile strength, heat resistance and fatigue strength. At Breathe-3DP, our materials are aimed at performance parts and require mechanical qualities. We print and test ASTM test bars to give you an accurate picture of the physical properties of actual printed parts. In addition, we perform tests on printed parts to provide insight well beyond ASTM testing.

  Breathe-3DP is no stranger when it comes to color science. Our parent company, Universal Fibers, pioneered the methods of nylon melt pigmentation and today extrudes millions of pounds of nylon a year in over 2000 colors. We take that expertise and vigorously apply it to all 3D printing materials. Every lot of filament is tested in our print lab for color uniformity and all pigments are FDA food contact compliant.






   Phoenix was formulated specifically for the 3D printing process. Breathe-3DP tests all formulations in our print lab consisting of over 36 printers from a range of manufacturers. We evaluate everything from print reliability to bed adhesion to dimensional stability. The easiest nylon-based material to print, Phoenix displays:

• Low Warpage
• Low Shrinkage
• Low Odor
• Excellent Bed Adhesion
• High Print Reliability
• Allows Overhangs and Bridging


Phoenix is currently the only industrial nylon on the market that you can buy in color!

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   Check back for the upcoming release of the Phoenix Carbon Fiber infused filament as well! We've had an opportunity to test this material, and we can tell you already that this is one of the most impressive materials we've worked with! 

Phoenix CF nylon (left) & Taulman3D Alloy 910 (right)

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