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New products, PLUS Store & Discount updates!

Posted by Sean Kilmer on

  MakerTree 3D

   With the summer heat still in full effect, MakerTree 3D has some filament discounts, along with some new product & store updates to share.

   First though, we'd like to say thank you to all of our regular customers who support us. We've continually listened to our customer requests, and always try to carry the products relevant to your project needs. In doing so, our product line has evolved quite a bit, to carry the printers, scanners, parts and supplies that have proven to be among the most requested products for 3D printing beginners and professional enthusiasts alike.


   Filament sale!!!

   Until August 27th, customers can scoop up some premium filament at 30% off regular prices (select filaments).

   Sale filament types include PLA, PLA/ PHA, ABS, flexibles, nylon, glow, co-polyesters, color changing, wood, bamboo, cork, etc..... in both 1.75mm and 3.00mm diameters. Sale items are in limited quantities available at a 30% price discount!

Due to the limited quantity of this filament sale, the sale is for local In-Store sales only.


New Products!!!

   While MakerTree 3D strives to stay on top of new relevant products and tech in the 3D printing arena, our product line has grown over the years into a well rounded list of materials and components.

   While customers have voiced a desire for more of the functional prototype materials with advanced properties, we've been hard at work testing various materials in several different model printers we've got at our shop.

   Our new filament options begin with co-polyesters from colorFabb. Their lineup of non-toxic co-polyester materials consist of nGen, XT and HT. While nGen is an alternative to PLA for rapid prototyping needs with a higher temperature resistance than PLA, the XT and HT filaments from colorFabb are much more on the durable side, with the HT having the highest temperature resistance of 100c (212f). The nGen having an extrusion temp of 220c-240c, it's a great material for everyday printing through all types of desktop FDM 3D printers. The XT and HT  on the other hand will require an all-metal hotend, since they've got extrusion temps of 240c-260c and 250c-280c respectively. The nGen and XT come in a wide range of color options while the HT is available is black, white, clear, light grey and dark grey.

   Next, in the functional material arena, we've got the ePC (polycarbonate) from eSun available at MakerTree 3D now as well. eSun has created a polycarbonate filament that's much easier to work with than other brands, high temp resistance, and very tough. The ePC is available in black, white and natural color.

   Included in the functional materials list, we like to include the TPU lineup from NinjaTek as well. Their TPU filament lineup consists of different durometer materials. While the Cheetah is the easiest of their soft TPU flexible options to print with, the SemiFlex is a very close candidate as well, with durometers of 95a and 98a respectively. Armadillo is at the other end of the TPU spectrum, being their hardest TPU that doesn't exhibit much flex at all, but is rather a good material option for snap fit enclosures, and other designs of the like.

   We can't talk about awesome filaments at MakerTree 3D, without mentioning the ProtoPasta materials as well. From their Everyday PLA, and other HTPLA materials, to their carbon fiber infused HTPLA, colored matte fiber, magnetic iron, conductive or their PC-ABS blend, the filaments made by ProtoPasta are always fun and a pleasure to work and innovate with. 

  Our new product listings also include numerous hardware parts such as proximity sensors for DIY bed leveling projects, common bearings and top performing printer boards! Be sure to check out our parts section for the newest from E3D, UltiMachine, MatterControl, and more!


Store Updates!!!

   The MakerTree 3D shop has grown due to the feedback and support of our customers. We've taken what you've shared and applied to our product & service offerings, to our website and physical store layout. 

   Check out our store categories below to see what else is new:

3D Printers

3D Scanners


Parts & Accessories


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