Createbot line of high quality 3D printers available at MakerTree 3D!

   MakerTree 3D is pleased to announce a new line of 3D printers. With so many makes and models of 3D printers out there in the market, it's tough to filter through them all to find the gems. We feel as though we've got one of these gems to add to our stellar lineup of quality 3D printers. Introducing the Createbot 3D printers, with an entire lineup of printers to cater to makers, inventors, hobbyists and business needs alike.

   The Createbot line consists of their Max, Mid, Mini and Super Mini models. Each of the models is available with different build volumes and options to fit your project needs, and with the Super Mini, in different colors to fit your personality or tinker space.

   Click on any of the models below to view the full details and options page for a specific model.

Createbot Max
Createbot Mid
 Createbot Mini
 Createbot Super Mini

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