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New Fiber infused 3D printing filament from ProtoPasta!

Posted by Artem Joutchkov on

MakerTree 3D printing materials


   As usual, we've been testing and experimenting with various materials and have a 3D printing material that we felt deserved a bit a time in the spotlight. So, we've been trying out the newer ProtoPasta Matte Fiber at MakerTree 3D, and right away we could see that this material was something special! First, is this model from Thingiverse user Braddock and is called "ieyo bust" which came out wonderfully!

ProtoPasta Matte Fiber filament

   The Matte Fiber extrudes from our E3D v6 at 210c, exhibiting great bridging and overhang capabilities. For the build platform we did use heat at 60c and with a BuildTak surface. Matte Fiber prints easily as the other ProtoPasta HTPLA materials. While Matte Fiber is available in white, black, blue, green, gray colors, it prints nearly the same as the black carbon fiber HTPLA, without the abrasiveness to the nozzle.

3D printed planter

   This second design 3D printed with the Matte Fiber, is a cool little planter called "Hex Planter" from Thingiverse user EhisforAdam.

   No rafts were needed, and supports were used for overhangs of 60 degrees or more, and a part fan was used after the 3rd layer. The Matte Fiber, like their Carbon Fiber HTPLA, shares a unique texture that provides an excellent visual esthetic for a variety of projects.

Learn more about the ProtoPasta Matte Fiber filament, or get a spool of your own today at:

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