Huge Discount on this Super 3D Printer....

MakerTree 3D: Holiday discount

The 2017 Holiday Season is Here!

That means amazing deals on 3D printers, and here's the deal of the year!


Check out the specs on this VERY LIMITED QUANTITY special 3D printer deal!






- Fully enclosed build chamber (This is an ABS printing champion!)

- Large 10" x 8" x 8" build volume for big projects.

- Removable flex build plates to easily remove parts off the build plate.

- Filament Run-Out sensor, so you never run out of filament in the middle of a large job again!

- Auto build plate leveling and tramming sensors for ease of use, and precise setup.

- Power-Outage Protection, so prints can be resumed after a loss of power without losing time or material!

- Built-in HEPA filtration!! (*Rated the safest desktop ABS 3D printer by the Illinois Institute of Technology)

- WIFI or USB connectivity options

- Smartphone App to monitor status and control the 3D printer right from your phone!

- Powerful & Easy to Use 3D printing software included. No need to fuss with creating or tuning software to optimally work with your printer!


UP Box+ holiday special

UP Box+ pre-order special discount

   The UP BOX+ 3D printer from Tiertime is the evolution of the hugely popular and reliable UP Mini and UP Plus model printers that have reached legend status within the 3D printing community. The UP BOX+ has added a plethora of new features within their software and hardware combination, to bring an user experience like no other desktop 3D printer!

UP Box+ year end deals

   MakerTree 3D is an authorized reseller of the UP brand of 3D printers, who not only sells and supports the UP products, but we also are Makers who use all of the UP 3D printer models in real-world scenarios. We're always happy to discuss with our customers and fellow Makers our candid experiences, so feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

 UP Box+

* Each special discount purchase will ship out within 10-14 days from the time of purchase.

*Free shipping within the USA. Alaska and Hawaii excluded.

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