FREE Extended warranty for EinScan 3D scanner purchases from MakerTree 3D!

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FREE Extended warranty for EinScan 3D scanner purchases from MakerTree 3D!

    Fall has begun, as well as the 4th quarter of the calendar year. This also means that MakerTree 3D will be releasing various specials & discounts as the 2016 year winds down. With October being the beginning of Q4, we have a special offer for all EinScan 3D scanner sales for the remainder of 2016!

   From October, until the end of the 2016 calendar year (December 31st), we proudly announce that all EinScan 3D scanner purchases made through MakerTree 3D will automatically receive a FREE extended warranty for a full 18 months! This is an additional 6 months beyond the already standard, 1 year warranty that comes with the EinScan 3D scanners.

   EinScan 3D scanners have made an enormous impact since their release, from their  desktop EinScan-S model, to their multimode EinScan-Pro 3D scanner. With both ease-of-use, and their impressive performance of quality scan data capture, there's little to no competition in sight at their price point.


 EinScan-S 3D scanner specs compared to other brands 

 At MakerTree 3D, we don't only sell the products we list, we also use all of the products we sell in our daily production. This includes 3D scanners, 3D printers, parts, accessories and materials. This means that MakerTree 3D customers can always rest assured that any questions our customers may have prior to their purchases, as well post-sales questions will be answered with a level of detail and experience that's not typically found at any big box retailer. Interested in EinScan 3D scanners, but would like to learn more about them? Feel free to give us a call to discuss your project needs and to see how EinScan 3D scanners can be integrated into your workflow. If you're local to MakerTree 3D in the Dallas/ Ft. Worth metro area, we also offer demo classes for the EinScan 3D scanners as well, where you can stop in to see them in action first-hand and to ask any questions you may have about them.


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