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FREE 3D scanning class featuring the EinScan 3D scanners

Posted by Artem Joutchkov on

    With new creative outlet tools like 3D printers and 3D scanners becoming more readily available for consumers and small businesses, users are looking for ways to integrate the various technologies and processes into their hobby or workflow. While desktop 3D printing has had the vast amount of the spotlight in this category, early consumer 3D scanners had previously left users needing better quality scans, and faster scan times to be able to consider them for their needs. While we have worked with 3D scanners ranging from the consumer/ prosumer models on up to various medical-grade 3D scanners, there's been a large void between these classes of 3D scanners, up until now that is. This has all changed with the introduction of the new EinScan line of 3D scanners from Shining 3D. Their long history of commercial and industrial 3D data capture, is now available for the consumer and prosumer markets, enabling users to design, measure, engineer and to digitize their world in an entirely new way!

    The EinScan 3D scanner lineup consists of the EinScan-S desktop 3D scanner, and the EinScan-Pro multi-mode 3D scanner. While the EinScan-S desktop model comes with an automated turntable to set your objects to be 3D scanned, the EinScan-Pro has fixed options including with a turntable, but also is a handheld 3D scanner as well. With the simple, easy to use software included, both EinScan models scan objects  quickly, and with much greater detail than any other 3D scanners anywhere near their class and price point!

   MakerTree 3D is proud to announce the beginning of our Free & Open 3D scanning demo classes. Join us on Saturday October 22nd 2016 from 3pm - 6pm, to learn about 3D scanning technologies and what makes EinScan 3D scanners so special. We'll be doing live demo scans to exhibit the various scan modes and capabilities of both the EinScan-S and the EinScan-Pro 3D scanners. Whether you're a maker, hobbyist, artist or a small business looking to integrate 3D scanning into your workflow, this is a perfect opportunity to stop in and see the EinScan 3D scanners in action. Give us a call or email us to register a seat for October 22nd, or simply stop in.


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