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EinScan 3D scanners, available at MakerTree 3D!

Posted by Artem Joutchkov on

   We're always busy at MakerTree 3D with new products and services that we're adding to our shop, but sometimes there's a new product that shines so very brightly and we must bring it to the forefront by blogging about it. This time, it's not only a product, but a new manufacturer that we're very excited to be working with. MakerTree 3D announces the introduction of the EinScan 3D scanners from Shining 3D.

   Shining 3D has a long, rich history of 3D digital image capture and CAD/CAM manufacturing in general. They're not just another hardware or electronics company getting involved with the 3D movement, but rather a veteran of the technologies, so expect nothing less than amazing performance.

   Shining 3D's consumer desktop 3D scanner, named the EinScan-S is a high resolution 3D scanner with an included turntable. The EinScan-S can scan your objects on the turntable, then let the software do the work of creating a watertight 3D model which is 3D printer-ready. The EinScan-S scanner has been tested and reviewed by Maker's Muse with the video available here.


   The next step up in the Shining 3D EinScan line is the EinScan-Pro 3D scanner which is available in different packages based on your needs. The EinScan-Pro is a prosumer grade 3D scanner and has both (2) fixed 3D scan modes and (2) different handheld scanning modes. The scan times of the EinScan-Pro are faster and more detailed than anything else even close within the same price range. Other comparably priced scanners that can also capture good data, doesn't necessarily mean that it can align and stitch each consecutive scan very well to the previous single scan. This is not the situation with the EinScan-Pro as it's software is extremely powerful and saves you time by doing a better job with auto alignment feature than many other systems. Even the 3-point alignment feature seems to work better and more predictably than other systems in it's class as well. Check out the test run Maker's Muse got to take with the EinScan-Pro at the Shining 3D headquarters.


   Shining 3D, with a strong background in industrial 3D scanning has brought nothing less than the best 3D scanning options to the consumer and prosumer 3D market. After so many empty promises and failed 3D scanning products from several companies in recent years, it's refreshing to see a relevant and powerful contender finally stepping into the ring.



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