Build large with Raise3D N series 3D printers from MakerTree 3D


Raise3D. Build large with Raise3D printers!

   Looking to 3D print large parts?

Raise3D N series 3D printers come standard with color touch screen, WiFi/ SD/ USB/ Ethernet connectivity, full enclosure, all-metal hotends, power-loss recovery and an all-metal chassis with each of the (3) N models.

   The N series 3D printers consist of (3) models varying in build volume and offering single or dual extruder options for each model. The N1 has an 8"x8"x8" build volume,

while the N2 and N2+ go large with their 12"x12"x12" and 12"x12"x24" build volumes respectively.






Each of the Raise3D N series printers has a full enclosure which makes printing with materials such as ABS and ASA possible, but the lid can be easily removed for materials that benefit from fully vented build areas as well. Each of the models also utilizes a direct drive extruder setup which has a fully guided filament path, even allowing flexible filaments such as the recommended PolyFlex to print.

   Printing beyond the standard PLA and ABS materials requires the use of an all-metal hotend, which Raise3D has included as standard equipment. With their new all-metal V2 hotends, printing with higher temp, end use materials such as the full range of nylons, co-polyesters, polycarbonate, etc.... all become available.

The 3D printing materials for your project needs at MakerTree 3D!

  The touch screen on the Raise3D N series is one of the more impressive full color touch screen interfaces we've seen yet. With regards to responsiveness, displaying all of the most relevant data, printer controls, ability to organize and manage print files locally on the printer, and allowing easy on-the-fly printing parameters adjustments, Raise3D has absolutely nailed it.

   With features and build quality typically found in printers of much higher price points, Raise3D is a breath of fresh air in an already crowded market. They've set themselves apart with software and an control interface that's powerful and easy to use, performs beautifully, and even looks stunning while doing it!

   When buying from MakerTree 3D you're always in good hands with our knowledgeable technical support and everyday, real-world experience with all of the products we carry. Got questions about Raise3D printers? Got a Raise3D printer already but shopping for accessories or printing materials? We've got you covered!

   If you're local to us here at MakerTree 3D, feel free to stop in to see the Raise3D in action!


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