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3D Printing 101: What is 3D Printing and it's applications for use?

Posted by Artem Joutchkov on

MakerTree 3D hosted Meetup event: July 22nd 2016 5pm - 9pm
    This group event will be geared for those who are new to the idea of 3D printing or are just getting started with it, and would like to learn more about what 3D printing is, how it can be used in various industries as well as it's application in our homes.
   We will cover the primary 3D printing technologies available, as well as the associated materials used for 3D printing, and how to use them to make your ideas take shape.
Snacks and drinks will be provided by MakerTree 3D.
Class fee: FREE
Limited seating, so register on the MakerTree 3D page at, or call/ email us and we'll register seating for you.

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