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$300 savings on the NEW 2016 Creator Pro at MakerTree 3D

Posted by Lana Panchenko on

   The all NEW 2016 FlashForge Creator Pro was recently released, and at the same great price of $1199 as it's predecessor. The NEW 2016 FFCP is step up from it's successor the Creator Pro with innovations where they matter. The Enthusiast category printer features a metal frame, enclosed chassis, heated printing bed, dual extruders, and a upgraded platform leveling system. The NEW 2016 Creator Pro prints PLA, ABS, and exotic filaments with a print volume of 225mm x 145mm x 150mm, and with several refinements that show FlashForge's attention to detail. Here at MakerTree 3D, we are pleased to offer a $300 price drop, bringing the price to an astounding $899!

Stop in to MakerTree 3D or visit our online store to own one of the most reliable 3D printers available.

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