NEW Matter Control T10 now available at MakerTree 3D!

    Introducing the new Matter Control Touch T10 from Matter Hackers!
   Matter Hackers is the development team behind the freely available Matter Control software for both Windows and Mac OSX. With the success and growing fan base, the team had released the original Matter Control Touch a year ago, which was a 7" tablet as a control interface for your printer.
Since then, the Matter Control team has carefully listened to their customers feedback and took notes, resulting in some serious upgrades with their new Matter Control Touch T10!
Matter Control T10
What can the Matter Control T10 do for you?
  • No more swapping SD cards between your computer and 3D printer
  • No need to tether your computer to your 3D printer
  • Multiple options to import files for 3D printing
  • Move, Rotate, Copy your parts on the virtual build plate
  • Slice files directly within the Matter Control T10
  • New Octo-Core processor for LAG-FREE operation
  • Large 10" touch screen for ease of use

Visit our Matter Control T10 product page for the full list of features and the new capabilities that you can unlock for you and your 3D printer!

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