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Newly updated 2016 FlashForge Creator Pro is now available!

Posted by Sean Kilmer on

   We've been a fan of the FlashForge line of products as well as their support and dedication to product evolvement and improvement ever since we used our first FlashForge 3D printer. We use both, the Creator Pro and the Dreamer models daily for our ABS production due to their performance and reliability to produce warp-free ABS parts.

   FlashForge has innovated in key points with their products, and they haven't given up on improving the Creator Pro model either. Instead of taking the route of taking the platform and finding ways to simply manufacture a cheaper unit, they've listened to their customers, and continued the evolution of this model. FlashForge has made the move to offer the FlashForge Creator Pro improvements, as the 2016 New FlashForge Creator Pro.

Key points of the 2016 New FlashForge Creator Pro

* Get one for the same low price of the original FlashForge Creator Pro!

* 6.3mm thick aluminum build plate with robust all-metal mounting plate.

* New improved side handles for the printer

* New one piece clear acrylic top that latches into place.

* New improved metal frame design

* Improvements to the front door allowing more room to access the inside of the printer.

  2016 FlashForge Creator Pro

    Upon receiving our first 2016 FFCP unit, I was impressed with how the company had also improved upon the packing of the unit in an intelligent and thoughtful way. Unpacking the printer and it's components was a snap and we were up and running in only a matter of a few minutes. In contrast with the previous FFCP units, I was pleased to see that there was no documentation to check the voltage for USA 110 standards before plugging it in and turning the unit on. This was a potential problem area if a US buyer missed this notice and went ahead and powered on the unit, resulting in damaged electronics. Also, with (2) free spools of filament were packed into the unit in a thoughtful way that's also safer for the printer, so not to bend or damage the build platform or mounting plate at all.

   With so many improvements to the model, FlashForge wanted to be sure to acknowledge the differences, hence the new 2016 designation in the name. Since the 2016 New FFCP is offered by MakerTree 3D for the same great price of the original FFCP of $1199, we will be discontinuing the previous FFCP model to make way for only this new improved unit. If your interested in checking out the new unit, we welcome you to stop in to our studio for a visit to see it in person.

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