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MakerTree 3D: 2 New 3D printing pens

Posted by Sean Kilmer on

   The MakerTree 3D team has been busy for the past month relocating our office to a new, larger studio space in Richardson, TX, as well as building a new website, but that's not all that's new! We're excited to introduce 2 all-new 3D printing pens that we've added to our ever expanding lineup of products.

  First, we've got the launch of the all-new 3Doodler Create 3D printing pen. The 3Doodler Create is the successor to the 3Doodler 2.0, which sold over 260,000 units in 2015. Boasting a huge number of upgrades and improvements, the 3Doodler Create will be the new 3Doodler hero product, bringing 3D creation to an even wider audience!

  Next up, we've got the cool and innovative CreoPop 3D printing pen. CreoPop differs from all of the other 3D printing pens in the market, in that it doesn't use a hot nozzle to melt and extrude PLA or ABS filament. Instead, CreoPop uses a safe, light curable "ink" that's light cured as it's extruded from the pen. Since this eliminated the hot nozzle of conventional 3D printing pens, the CreoPop is inherently safe for Makers of all ages.








   Check out the specs of these 2 new 3D printing pens in our store, and explore the benefits that these tools can bring to your 3D printed projects!


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